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About Me

  • Any Pronouns

  • 18 Yrs

  • Pan

  • EST Time Zone

I'm currently finishing highschool, however I am also an up and coming content creator. I am streaming on youtube and making videos, working on graphic design and acting as an amateur programmer.
I play Minecraft, Smash, and Splatoon. I am also interested in Homestuck, Blaseball, DnD, VR, and more.

Skills + Experience


  • Moderate Graphic Designer: Practicing Graphic Design for roughly 3 years, as seen on this site and my youtube channel. I am proficient with the program Inkscape. Examples can be found in the Gallery.

  • Intermediate Video Editor: Took 4 years of A.V. in highschool, still editing videos for my own youtube channel.

  • Novice Computer Programmer: Practicing Computer Science mostly as a hobby, most knowledge is JavaScript or google sheets scripting. Equates to what I'd consider 2 years of experience. Been studying for 6 actual years.

  • Piano Player: Been playing Piano for around 8 years.

  • Cosplay: I cosplay occasionally, examples can be found on my Instagram.



  • School: Graduating Highschool in 2023, accepted to college to pursue either Film or Computer Science.

  • Work: I've worked 1 job, in the fast food industry for a little over a year. Currently unemployed to make time for studying.

  • Eagle Scout: I am an Eagle Scout, the highest rank achievable in Scouts BSA. In scouting, I also achieved the 5th year Pipestone Award at camp 7 Ranges.


  • Filming: Other than the projects in my high school Film Class, I have 5 years of experience filming for my local Football (Soccer) Club.

  • Graphic Design: I usually make graphics for my streaming overlay (examples of such can be found here), but I've also made merch for the web game "Blaseball" which can be found here. However, these are no longer representative of my current style.

  • Moderation: I have moderated for 1 discord server, the Westierya SMP Community Server.

  • Minecraft: Been involved in around 5 SMP's, with one being a server I co-owned. The largest server had around 25 members.

Site Section Last Updated: 3/29/23


This page is for unique examples of things I've created other than videos. Examples of my film and editing skills however can be found on my portfolio.

Fullers pokepack is a lightweight Minecraft Cobblemon Mod and resource pack, along with links to recommended datapacks for singleplayer users and server owners.



PNGTuber Artist

Thumbnail Character Artist

Brand + Misc.

Current Logo

The custom color palette I use for my "G-Verse" graphics.

Stream Specs

Stream Software - OBS Studio
PNGTuber Software - Veadotube
Graphic Design Software - Inkscape